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3 Ways to Quit Soda Pop

3 Ways to Quit Soda Pop
3 Ways to Quit Soda Pop.

Part 1: Cementing your determination to quit.

Determine why you are quitting soda. There can be several reasons, and any one of them can make living a soda-free life an attractive option:
reducing caffeine intake.
reducing sugar intake.
avoiding high fructose corn syrup.
limiting carbonation.
limiting artificial sweeteners.
minimizing acid intake – the phosphoric acid present in most dark sodas is detrimental to bone health and softens tooth enamel.
saving money – if you add up how much you spend on soda in a month, you might have enough for a retirement fund.

Part 2: Finding substitutes.

Stock up on substitutes. Water is the healthiest and cheapest replacement for soda, but quitting soda cold turkey and making the big switch to water might mean setting yourself up for failure. The best way to quit any kind of addiction is to ease your way out of it, but check your numbers. Some fruit juices have more calories and cost more than soda which may defeat the goals you just set up. Here are some suggested soda substitutes:
flavored water.
seltzer/ sparkling water.
juice spritzers (carbonated juices).
sports drinks.
iced tea (e.g. iced green tea) or tea.
Minty water w/ lemon.
milk alternatives (soy, almond, hazelnut, hemp, oat, rice, etc.).
water with stevia (a no-calorie sweetener).

Part 3: Keeping on top of reducing your soda intake.

Track your soda consumption. Estimate, as accurately as you can, how much soda you’re drinking per week. (This is very important for the next step.) Do you drink soda with lunch at work? In between classes? While you’re unwinding in front of the TV? Calculate how many calories you’re racking up from soda alone; to get an idea of how fizz might be affecting your weight, calculate how many calories you’re supposed to be getting per day and see how much of that you’re getting from soda. For many people, this is a powerful observation that might give you the motivation you need to change this habit.

Develop a quitting schedule. Whatever the amount of soda you drink per week, cut that amount by 25% for one week, then by 50% the next, and so on.
Gradually increase your consumption of the substitutes you chose.
Be sure that you’re still consuming the same amount of liquid (if not more) or else you may become dehydrated, which will make quitting even more difficult.

Buy less and less soda every week. If you drink most of your soda at home, this will be easier to do. If the soda isn’t purchased, then you won’t feel the urge to drink it when you’re at home.
If you drink a lot of soda from vending machines, don’t carry a lot of extra change with you. If you carry a lot of extra change around, it may be time to start paying for other items with that change so you won’t have the urge to stick that money in the machine for the soda.
If somebody who you live with loves to drink soda, then ask them to hide it so you won’t have to drink any. This may seem a little strange, but it will eventually pay off.
Start buying 8oz soda cans instead of the other 12oz cans. You can easily do this to reduce your soda intake by 33%. Also, avoid buying those big 2–3 liter (0.5–0.8 US gal) bottles. They are only open invitations to drink more soda than you should.

Prepare for caffeine withdrawal. Do not underestimate the addictive power of caffeine. If most of the soda you drink has caffeine, you may experience headaches and other withdrawal symptoms for about a week, especially if you cut your soda consumption dramatically. Likewise, if you depend on both the caffeine and sugar fix that soda pop brings to get you through the day, you’ll probably feel more tired while your body adjusts to not having carbonated “pick-me-ups”.

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3 Ways to Quit Soda Pop