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How to gain weight quickly

How to gain weight quickly
How to Gain Weight Quickly

Two Methods: Eat to Gain Weight and Exercise to Gain Weight

To gain weight quickly, you should still eat healthy, but often, especially late at night. Eat the right types of fats and lots of protein and carbs. Focus on weight training and increase your workout. Stay immobile when you are not weight training.

Method 1: Eat to Gain Weight

Eat and eat often. While everyone should abide by this rule, it is especially true for those who are trying to gain weight. Eating often means eating five to six small meals a day and packing in those nutrients.
This doesn’t mean eating junk food and sugars, it means lots of protein and carbs. You want to obtain a healthy weight, not build up your fat deposits. Unlike many of your peers, your snacks should be nutritious but calorie dense: think nuts, peanut butter, cheese, dried fruits and avocados.[1]And that bedtime snack? Go for it!
Even though it’s a good way to gain weight, it’s unhealthy — so pass on the sodas and coffee. Keep your liquids up with smoothies or shakes made with low-fat milk or juice for an energized calorie boost. And remember to drink 30 minutes before or after your meal; you don’t want to be full before you even start eating.[1]

Eat the right kind of fats. You want a bigger, healthier looking body–not a thin frame with a bit of a paunch. Maximise the avocados, dairy products, nuts (including peanut butter), and meats; stay away from ice cream, fries and fatty junk foods.
Healthy fats can be obtained from foods like peanuts, cashews, and olive oil. Stay away from saturated fats (bad fats) gained from processed foods. If you’re looking for a treat, good alternatives are bran muffins, yogurt, fruit pies and granola bars.

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How to gain weight quickly